We’re talking strictly about the evolution of this site, which was originally called “kindling minds.” That’s still the ultimate purpose.

But the site is morphing into one more exclusively focused on Medieval Gnome Productions: the podcasts we do, our amazing staff, the Discworld, the podcasting experience, podcasting sausages inna bun. All named meat! Get ’em here! Fifty pence, and that’s cutting my own throat.

Throat does indeed sneak through the portal sometimes and raise a little minor havoc. It’s actually quite fun having him around, as long as I know I can send him back soon after he’s come.

Thank goodness. And thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll leave a comment (if you’d like.) Mind how you go.

Published by the medieval gnome

Teacher, reader, I was briefly a small businessman, fulfilling a life-long dream of owning my own game store. In the past 15 years I have become an ardent Terry Pratchett fan, hence my podcast, "The Discworld Portal. Teaching is in my blood, and at age 62 I seek to pursue practicing my craft online.

One thought on “Evolution

  1. Throat never gives up…gotta hand it to him. Not only does he keep pressing forward, but he does it with a confidence and assurance that “this” endeavor will be the right one….and if not this one, the next one for sure.

    Can’t keep a good man down!!


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